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Watchman Monitoring Integration

The Backbone of your Proactive Support Services

Install Watchman Monitoring’s light-weight, read-only agent on the computers you care for, and be the first to know when problems arise. Receive alerts for common issues such as failing hard drives and stale backups, as well as more urgent issues such as failing RAIDs.

Our integration maps your Watchman Monitoring computers and alerts into the software to get more done in fewer steps.

What the Integration Does

  • Map Watchman Monitoring "Groups" to "Customers"
  • Feeds error reports into the application for one-click Ticket creation
  • Automatically creates Assets from monitored computers
  • Continually updates assets with machine names, serial numbers, etc

Setup Walkthrough

Step 1

Go to your Watchman Monitoring account and find us in the Integrations page.
Turn it on, generate an API key, copy that key to your clipboard, and click the button to head over to your account. 

Step 2

Make sure your subdomain and API Key are entered, and click continue

Step 3

Map your "Groups" to "Customers" inside the progra by clicking this blue icon for each that we didn't automatically detect. This will make it so the assets and alerts are attached to the right customer.

Step 4

Now you'll be on an informational screen showing some counts, this means you are all set!

Step 5

Now you will start getting alerts using the Notification Center. You can adjust how and when you are alerted, head to Admin -> Notification Center to find the new rule that we created.

Clicking edit there will show you the new rules that will be working for you

Now that you are all configured, you can take a moment to check out the new button on the Tickets page

Clicking that takes you to the "RMM Alerts" page where you will see alerts rolling in

Next to alerts you'll be able to map them to a customer if they are connected to a "Group" that isn't mapped, you can view the details of the alert, and also convert the alert to a "Ticket"

While the alert is attached to an open Ticket it will not be emailing you from Watchman Monitoring. If you mark the Ticket as "Resolved" - the next time that alert feeds into your account we'll notify you again, meaning, the issue is probably still there. Same with deleting - if you delete the check, the next time it's triggered you'll get a new one.
(Probably what you expect if you are used to how Watchman works)


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