ScreenConnect Integration

ScreenConnect is a tool you can use to remote control your customers' computer to make remote support a breeze!

With our integration, you can just click to have a session created with the details copied over from the ticket.

In ScreenConnect, head to the app store and look for RepairShopr.

From "Extensions", generate an API Key by selecting the User account on the bottom left and selecting "Generate API Token".

Click "Edit Settings" and paste in your API Key you generated.

Copy that into the settings in the Admin > App Center > ScreenConnect App Card page like this:

Then you need to enter the full URL to your ScreenConnect instance.

The URL needs to be formatted like in the screenshot, with the http and with nothing at the end. (/App/etc)


Our ScreenConnect integration requires that a Ticket have a valid phone and email address. If you get an error like this, it just means that you need to enter a phone or email address for that ticket customer: {errorType:InvalidOperationException,message:Unable to process arguments: Invalid JSON primitive: nil.,detail:null}

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