Employee Time Clock

Employee Time Clock


What it Does:

Employees can clock in and out for their day as well as lunch
Has a Time Clock Report you can run to help with managing payroll
Set a requirement to Clock in when you log in to the app

What is Doesn't Do:

It doesn't pay your employees
It doesn't keep Steve from forgetting to take his lunch (you know who you are Steve!)


Table of Contents

Time Clock Admin
Requiring Time Clock





This opens a module where your team can clock in and out (the system supports multiple entries per day), add a note, or create a specific "Out for Lunch" entry.


Time Clock Admins

Users with time log permissions can also access admin functionality here. You can create a 'Time Clock Admin' group at Admin > Security Groups:

Name your 'Time Clock Admin' security group:

Then, select the 'Timelogs - manage' permission:

Now, you can make a non-admin user a 'Time Clock Admin' by going to Admin > Users and adding them to the 'Time Clock Admin' group:

From the Time Clock Admin page you can view all Employee entries and make edits or manual entries:

This allows admins to correct entries or add additional notes:

From Admin > Reports > Employees you can also access the 'Time Clock Report' for accessing time card correction forms with signature lines for your team:

Require Time Clock on Sign-In

This feature is off on Users by default. It is activated on a per User basis. To start, head to Admin > Users > Choose a User > Click Details

Next there is a field called "Require User to use Time Clock:" that is a drop down with 3 choices. As mentioned above, the feature will be off (or blank) by default. Click the drop down to view the options

Force the User to clock in whenever active - Requires a time clock entry on log in. No way to get around it

Remind User every 5 minutes to clock in - Allows the User to close out of the Time Clock prompt, but will be reminded in 5 minute intervals

Then on their next login attempt they will be prompted to clock in!


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