WooCommerce Integration


  1. Working and web-accessible woocommerce version 2.6 +
Please Note: Currently the integration does not work with GoDaddy shared hosting services

What it does:

  • You can add photos to products (via web interface only)
  • We will create matching nested categories in Woo to match what you have in RS
  • You can choose which categories to send to your WooCommerce store
  • You can setup webhooks to point to us and we'll try to create matching invoices/payments when your orders are marked "Complete" in WooCommerce i.e. "Paid"
  • Syncs inventory levels based on sales in Woo
  • Imports products from WooCommerce 

What it doesn't do:

  • Generates unpaid invoices
  • Create a customer (the customer must already exist for the invoice to be created
  • Updates products with "Maintain Stock" unchecked

How it works:

We will attempt to set the first image as the "featured image" on the product, and we'll use the same categories when we first create the products. (You can edit those)

We setup a SKU on the product in WooCommerce that is an identifier we need to be able to make updates to the product and not create duplicates, so don't change that.

When we get a webhook POST about an order, we'll try to find a customer on email/phone/full name. 

How to Setup

1. Head to your wordpress site and make sure you have the latest WooCommerce plugin.

2. Enable the REST API in WooCommerce 
    Note: Make sure that your WordPress permalinks are enabled. The link below will walk-     you through those steps. 

3. Setup an API key on your user, make sure it has write access

4. In our application, head to Admin > App Center > WooCommerce to set up the app.

Be sure your URL has https, if you don't have SSL we cannot use the REST API and the integration will not work.

Your URL should be set to the root domain and should look like this: https://yourstore.com/

It should NOT look like this: https://yourstore.com/shop

To test whether you're using the correct domain, try entering the URL into your browser and adding /wc-api/v3 to the URL. The wrong URL will show a -1 or 404. The right one will display a page of data. 

5. Setup the webhooks from WooCommerce to your account with us by copying the webhook URL out of the App page and putting it into WooCommerce

6. Optionally go to products and start adding photos

Processing Orders: 

Inside your Integration card, you will see a button that says "WooCommerce Orders". Click on this button to see the status of your invoices. Please keep in mind that the invoice will not be created until it is in "Completed" status, in other words there needs to be a payment on the invoice for it show up in RepairShopr. 

Those statuses are based on WooCommerce's invoice processing workflow. Please refer to WooCommerce Documentation here for more information 

WooCommerce Managing Orders


WooCommerce error in product sync WORDPRESS-CONNECTION-PROBLEM-401-{"errors":[{"code":"woocommerce_api_authentication_error","message":"Consumer Secret is invalid"}]}

That error means that either:

1. The consumer key/secret were not entered correctly

2. Your host is not allowing the connection. Users with GoDaddy have not been able to connect. We are recommending https://www.bluehost.com/ as a known host that works with WooCommerce.

NOTE: We have received reports that suggest that GoDaddy shared hosting services will not pass auth headers but that the Business level may. We recommend investigating and potentially updating your hosting service.

3. The key is set to WRITE only

Important Note:

There is know problem with iThemes security plugin for Wordpress. It doesn't allow us to sync products.
To work around this you need to turn off the setting `

"iThemes plugin > System Tweaks > Filter Long URL Strings" in your Wordpress to allow us sync products

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