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Merge Customers

What it Does

Allows you to merge customer records together.

What it Doesn't Do

Merge the Address (city, state, zip), Prepay Hours Balance, Notes, Custom Fields, and Settings ("SMS Service Enabled" and "Opt Out - Email Marketing").


You can merge customers within our application! Suppose Jackie's record was entered by mistake, and is actually meant to be listed as Jackie Johnson. Here is how to merge these records together.

  1. First, go to the Customers page.
  2. Click the name of the customer you don't want anymore. In this case, it is "Jackie."
  3. Once there, in the upper right, click Actions > Merge.
  4. On the right, enter the customer you want to merge this customer into, in this case Jackie Johnson.
  5. Click Merge Customers.
  6. On the final screen, you'll be taken to Jackie Johnsons 's customer detail page, which will show all of Jackie's tickets, invoices, and assets—but now they are listed under Jackie Johnson.

Please Note: Merging customers is irreversible once completed, so please take care to not accidentally merge customers. :)

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