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My updated logo / company information isn't showing on my PDFs

On occasion, you'll update your logo or company information, and will find that your previous logo or company information still appears when you generate a new PDF for an Invoice, Estimate, or Ticket. (See this article if the problem is that the logo shows in the template editor but not the PDF.) Try these steps to resolve it.

  1. Navigate to Admin > PDF/Email Templates.
  2. Click the Template you are having issues with.
  3. If the Template you are having trouble with is different than the preview one displayed, click the Invoice Templates tab (or Estimate Templates or Ticket Templates, and so on throughout these steps), then click Preview by the desired template.
  4. Click the yellow Edit Invoice Template button.
  5. If your logo is the problem, try this.
    1. In the upper right of the content, double click the logo.

    2. If the URL field has "/__location_logo_url__.png", replace it with {{logo_url}}
    3. Click OK.
    4. Click Update Template.
    5. Click Preview by the Template you modified.
    6. If that did not update the logo, click the yellow Edit Invoice Template button again and continue with the rest of the steps.
  6. If you have made any customizations, please click Source, copy all the code, and save it externally before reverting the Template, otherwise, your customizations will be lost.
  7. Click the red Reset Invoice Template button, then click OK to confirm.

That's it! Your Template has been updated and all changes should now appear on PDFs you generate moving forward. For all previous PDF's, you'll need to edit / reorder a line item in order to refresh that page, which will pull in the new PDF Template.

We employ a version history so if a mistake is made, you can easily revert back.

If you have any questions about this process, contact us at support!

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