Toggl Integration - Time Tracking

We have integrated with the coolest time tracking app out there!

Checkout toggl, they have a free level that works great.

To get started, head to Toggl and copy your API Token:

Then go back to our software, App Center > Toggl, and put that API Token in the settings;

Make sure that you have the Ticket Time Tracking Module enabled in Admin > Ticket Preferences

That's all for configuration!

Now when a Ticket is created it will create a project in Toggl.

You can start/stop your timer from a Toggl app installed on your mobile device, or from :

When a Ticket is resolved it will archive the project, and you can visit the ticket to import the time;

And the time pops into the log like time you track here in the app;

Please note that to be able to adjust the labor rate you will need items in your inventory that have "Labor" or "Labour" as their category. You can add the Labor (or Labour) category in Admin > Inventory Preferences.

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