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Introduce techs in appointment emails

Our email template system allows you to add the images and bios you upload for your team in appointment emails to customer.

To set up images and bios,


  1. Navigate to Admin > Users.
  2. Click Details by a user.
  3. Fill in the Picture URL of an image you have uploaded somewhere, such as
  4. Fill in the Bio.
  5. Click Update User.


To include this in your appointment emails,

  1. Navigate to Admin > PDF/Email Templates.
  2. Click Email Templates.
  3. Click the desired template, such as Ticket Appointments Email, Appointment Reminder Email or Non-Ticket Appointments Email.
  4. To add a nicely formatted piece about your tech,
    1. In the upper left of the content editor toolbars, click Source.
    2. Click the cursor where you want the info to appear.
    3. Copy the below code and paste it in the editor.
      <p>Meet the tech who is scheduled to meet with you:</p>
      <td><img src="{{tech_photo_url}}" alt="{{tech_name}}" style="max-width: 150px; vertical-align: top;" /></td>
    4. Skip to the last step below.
  5. To add your tech info where you want,
    1. Type the {{tech_name}} and {{tech_bio}} tags where you want them in the email.
    2. To add your tech's picture, click the cursor in the text where you want the image to appear.
    3. Click the image button.
    4. In the URL field, insert {{tech_photo_url}}
    5. In the Alternative Text field, insert {{tech_name}}
    6. In the Width field, type 150 (or the maximum width you want).
    7. Click OK.
  6. When finished with everything, click Update Template.

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