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How to Waive Late Fees

There are times a customer will accrue late fees but only pay the original invoice amount. If you choose to waive the late fees (that is, delete them), the invoice will still show as not paid. Here is how to correctly apply the payment so that it shows the invoice as paid.
  1. Open the invoice.
  2. If you have not already, click the red X by the late fees you wish to waive to delete them.
  3. Scroll down to the Applied Payments section.
  4. Click the payment date.
  5. In the Applied Invoices section on the right, click the red Clear button.
  6. Click OK to confirm.
  7. Click Actions > Apply to Multiple Invoices.
  8. If there are multiple outstanding invoices, it may apply the payment to a different invoice. Simply delete the payment from that invoice, then enter the payment amount by the invoice you are working on.
  9. Click Apply Payment.
  10. If desired, click the invoice number and it should now show as paid.

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