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Updating Legacy RepairShopr API Tokens for Existing Third-Party Integrations

A few months ago we released a new version of our API Tokens that have added security and usability features. These have been working well, and we are finally deprecating the old “Legacy API Keys”. On December 1st, those keys are going to stop working and you’ll want to update any integration that uses the Legacy Key to use the new API Tokens instead.

We’ve created a number of prebuilt API tokens for our most popular third-party integrations:

  • IT Glue
  • Ninja RMM
  • Pax 8
  • Zapier

If you configured any of the integrations above prior to June 3, 2020, you’ll want to follow the steps below to generate a new prebuilt API token to replace your existing integration’s token.

If you’re using custom integrations over our API outside of the integrations listed above that were configured prior to June 3, 2020, you’ll want to follow the steps below to create a new custom API Token to replace your existing integration’s token.

NOTE: API Tokens are used in the same way that API Keys were used before. If an integration is asking for a RepairShopr API Key, you will use these API Tokens going forward.

Getting your API Token

To get your API Token log in to your account and in the upper right of the page, click your name and a drop down menu will appear. Click on Profile/Password.

On the next screen there is a API Token link that you can click to be taken to the API management screen.

You will be taken to the API Token management screen where you can do things like manage existing Tokens, Clone them, or Delete them as necessary.

Clicking New Token will take you to a screen where you can choose from preconfigured tokens or to create a Custom Permission Token.

Custom Permissions allow you to choose what access on your account the token will have. You can also choose an expiration date for the token at this point as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When creating a API Token, the full token is only shown in full on the next step. It's at this point that you would want to copy/paste the token to where you are wanting to use it. When you click Done, you will only be able to see the truncated version.



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