What it does
Sends customer information to ShipRush and opens their UI in our app.  

What is Doesn't Do
Can't import customers
Does not automatically bill customers on invoices for shipping


Click on the ShipRush App card and check the Enable box then hit Save.



Using the ShipRush Integration

Once you have the integrations enabled, head to a ticket and click Actions > Send to ShipRush.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The address sent to the Shipping integrations is the address on the Ticket. This way, if a Contact has a different address than the primary customer record, you can send to the Contact's address. Make sure your Contacts have the proper addresses assigned from the Customer Detail page.


Sending to ShipRush

Head to a ticket and click Actions > Send to ShipRush. Then a pop up will appear prompting you to log in to your ShipRush account.

Once you are authenticated in to ShipRush, the address info is passed from the ticket over to ShipRush for you to process and purchase a shipping label.







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