Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports are a great way of getting a report of what happened inside your account automatically generated and shown to you so that you can keep up to date on everything that's happening. It's also a good way to monitor the status of your shop and catch things that happen before they are a problem.


You can set up a new Scheduled Report by navigating to: Admin > Reports > Scheduled Report:

Once there you'll see a list of all of your reports that are scheduled to run. You can also click on the "New" button to create a new schedule:

Name: Enter the display name of the Scheduled Report

Email Body: This will be the body of the email that is sent when the Scheduled Report runs

Recipients: Select the User Accounts that you want to receive this Scheduled Report

Email Address: Add additional email addresses that you want to receive the Scheduled Report

Report: Select which report to be generated

Frequency: Controls the schedule for when the report is generated

Run Next At: Select the date for the schedule to begin

Things to note:

- The only reports that currently support scheduling are the ones in the "Report" drop-down menu
- If you have typed out an email to send the report to, you will not need to select a User Account as a recipient
- You can also access the Scheduled Reports by navigating directly to a report that supports it and clicking the "Schedule" button at the top  

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