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Commit CRM Importer (CommitCRM import to RepairShopr)

We now have a tool to help you migrate data in a CommitCRM database into our software.

Go to our github page to download the latest release.

Download and open the release, and install the tool by running "install.exe"

Now you can run the Exporter!

It will talk to our software's API using your user credentials.

Sign in, and choose what you want to export.

Choosing Customers will export some of your "account" details, as well as create contacts for each "contact".

Choosing Tickets will export all of your "tickets" with most details, including "history notes", "charges", and "resolution note" - as a hidden comment on a ticket.

Since there isn't a concept of an "Invoice" in CommitCRM, we just put the charges as a note in the Ticket comments. We understand everyone used an outside invoicing system, so we could never be sure if we exported charges as an invoice that it would match up to what really got billed.


If you run into issues, here are some pointers.

  • Can't login - 
    Try another user, make sure you are an admin user, it's probably going to work

  • Some Customers don't export - 
    Check what required fields you have in your customer settings in the software, click to view the log file in the exporter, it will show actual errors for any "accounts" it tried to export. You can view that log and share a dropbox link to it with us for troubleshooting.

  • Some Contacts don't export - 
    We have email uniqueness required on the back end, so any duplicate emails will be seen as the same contact and skipped. See the error log.

  • I exported once, but now I want to export to another account-
    For whatever reason sometimes people get another account with us, and the exporter remembers the references to the first account/customers it exports to. The exporter won't do anything if run a second time (for records that succeeded). You can click Help, reset DB, and the exporter will attempt to do all the work again. Do not do this on a single account because it will then attempt to import everything again, meaning, duplicate everything.

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