Ticket Worksheets (multiple checklists)

Ticket Worksheets


What it Does:

  • Create a checklist for repair or services for you techs to follow.
  • Allows you to create Ad-Hoc lists as the need comes up.
  • An optional way of showing your customers the work you performed on their device.

What It Doesn't Do:

  • Manage your life...for now
Table of Contents:


Setting Up Worksheets

The worksheets have a "Template" that is how you define the fields, what Ticket Custom Fields automatically get the worksheet, etc. They also sit on the Ticket Detail page - and that is where you will mostly interact with them.

To get started, navigate to: Admin > Tickets > Ticket Worksheets. Once there you can create a new Ticket Worksheet by entering the title of the worksheet into the "Title" field and clicking the "Create Worksheet template" button shown here:

Now you are on the template editor, this is where you setup the worksheet - put the fields/checkboxes on it

You can specify if they default to Public (visible on PDFs) - or Private. This means you can choose whether or not a customer is able to see the Worksheet on their Customer Portal.

You can choose whether or not the Worksheet must be completed in order to Resolve the ticket.
You can choose the Ticket Custom Fields that these will automatically attach to. This will make it so that Worksheets automatically generate when the Custom Field is selected! (Yay for automated behavior)
You can also choose to create clones of the Worksheet as well when they are selected. This is nice if you want to have a Pre-Diagnostic, Post Diagnostic style of worksheets to make sure work is being done!
Concrete example, cell phone repair - you have a pass/fail for every button/speaker/etc - so you could have a copy show up 3 times. Once for when the phone comes in, once for when the tech is done, and once for the front reception to do QA  
There are 4 types of selections for the creation of Worksheets:
Text: Creates a text field
Checkbox: Creates a field to be used like a check list
Drop down: Creates a field that has different values to select from (think true/false style)
Section: A Way of making different sections within the Worksheet (think Hardware, then a Software section for instance)

Using Worksheets (On a Ticket)

When you are looking at a ticket with worksheets added, it looks something like below.

Clicking the New Worksheet will allow you to create either a Ad-Hoc Worksheet or call up a pre-made Worksheet.

Ad-Hoc Worksheets

Creating a Ad-Hoc Worksheet is exactly the same process as when you are creating a Worksheet template, except this is a one-off Worksheet for this specific ticket.
After either loading an existing Worksheet or creating a Ad-Hoc Worksheet there are several different options available.

Printing Worksheets

It is possible to print a Worksheet out to a formatted 80mm receipt paper for quick diagnostics to hand customers. To do that, head to the Worksheet, click the "triple dot" option and choose Print. You will get a PDF pop up like below.
Security Permissions
There are Security permissions you can use to change the level of access that techs have on Worksheets. To do that head to Admin > Security Permissions.


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