How do I customize my templates in RepairShopr?

Templates V3 Are Out!

Our new template system is currently opt-in for the time being since we know many users have customized them. We will be deprecating the old template system down the road, but for now your current templates will continue to work as before.


You can preview the new templates from Admin > PDF/Email Templates. This will allow you to see new shiny versions of invoices, tickets, and more. 

Upgrade Templates

When you're ready to upgrade, just click the Upgrade button. Your existing templates (all of them) will be upgraded to our new system. This means:
  • You'll get out new (beautiful) default templates
  • You'll have our new powerful WYSIWYG editor for customizing these templates
NOTE: Any previous customization to your templates will be lost and will not be available -- the change is permanent and not reversible.

New Editor

The new template system includes a powerful WYSIWYG editor designed to make customizing your templates much easier. 

Please note that the ticket template has a hidden {{ticket_problem}} tag that is not editable like it may have been in the previous template system.

For a robust user guide on template editing using the new editor, please view the following:

Invoice Line Item Column Editing

You can remove columns from the various {{invoice_line_items}} tags in the Edit Invoice Template.
For example if you want to remove the "Item" column:

Add this style in the source editor:
    .invbody-items tr td:first-child {
      display: none;

Then delete this in the source editor:
     <th class="first">
     <div class="item">Item</div>


You can remove more than just the first column, and to customize which column is removed you can instead insert this style into your template source code: 
    .invbody-items tr td:nth-child(#) {
      display: none;
Simply replace the # sign with the actual number from the left your column is, then delete that column code in the source code. This will tell the system to remove that column and you'll be all set. 

Including Disclaimers

You can now just paste your disclaimers into the sections indicated by the tabs. This will auto-populate your templates.

You can also adjust this directly by editing the templates themselves.

Printing Support

The new template system supports printing for both Letter and A4 paper sizes. 

Look forward to your feedback on this. As always, feel free to contact us at for any support needs!

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