Logistics: Transfering Inventory in Big Chain

Sometimes transferring inventory between locations can seem a bit confusing, so this article is here to help.

Follow these steps to ensure that your inventory is properly transferred between locations:

Step 1: Go to the Logistics tab in RepairShopr, click 'New Request', and select 'Inventory' from the New Transfer window. 

Step 2: Once you submit the request, check the little blue arrow icon next to the 'From Location' to remove the inventory from their stock.

Step 3: Login to the receiving location by selecting 'Change Location' from the user menu.

Step 4: Go to the Logistics tab, and click the little blue arrow next to the 'To Location' to check in the inventory - this should update the stock quantities for this store.

And you're done! That's how you transfer inventory between store locations. You can also transfer tickets following the same steps, except that you will select 'Transfer Ticket' from the New Transfer screen, rather than 'Inventory'. 

Please email us at help@repairshopr.com with any questions.

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