Employee Sales Report

When a technician creates an invoice, or converts a ticket into an invoice, any existing line items or newly added line items will be logged under their user record.

In this example, this ticket is converted into an invoice. The ticket owner will be credited with all line items pulled over from the ticket, to the new invoice. 

If you do not have a ticket, whoever makes the invoice will be credited by default. This happens on the line item level, so if there is a product that was sold by a different technician who should receive credit, you can change the owner of this line item on the invoice itself:

When you want to review all employee sales, you can head over to Admin > Reports > Employee Sales Report. You'll find some sorting options, including which employee(s) you want to look at, what time period, and what commission rate you want to apply to their sales (if applicable).

After you specify the employee(s) you want to view, along with the commission rate (optional), you can see a breakdown of all their sales for the time frame you selected.

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