How to add Users in RepairShopr

How to add Users in RepairShopr

Allows you to add new users to your account or edit the details of existing users
What it does:
  • Adds Employees to the system
  • Allows you to set security and calendar groups for each user
  • Create a complete profile with contact information and bio
What it does not do:

Adds on additional users to your plan. If you need to add more users than the allotted subscription amount please go to ADMIN > "Buy Credits/Add-ons"
 You can add a User by going to Admin > Users

Once you are in the user's page you can click on Add User

Here you'll see fields for Full name, Email, Password, a Picture if you'd like, and a Bio.

Below these fields, you'll find checkboxes for permissions. 
There is an option for Global Admin and which Security Group you would like this user to fall under.

NOTE: Global Admins cannot have security permissions imposed on them. They have full access to all functions.

By default, we offer 2 Security Groups: Admins, and Technicians.

You can review and edit the permissions involved with these groups in Admin > Security Groups. You can also add more security groups as needed.
After you've set specific permissions, you can click "Create User".

That's it!

Your user can now log in and will have the permissions you specified.

For more on Security groups, you can view the related Knowledgebase Article by following this link. Security Groups KB  

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