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Pushover - Set up Push Notifications

Pushover is a tool that allows us to push notifications to computers/phones/tablets/watches so you can stay very connected to your business.

We have an integration with that allows this to happen, and it's really simple to set up. First, go to and create an account:

Once you've created your account, you'll have a user key displayed on the general settings page of Pushover:

Copy this user key, and make your way over to Admin > App Center > Pushover:

Paste your user key into the specified field, and save your settings:

Now you need to add your devices! Download the Pushover app to your computer or mobile device (you can do this easily from the Android Play Store, for example).

Login to Pushover from the device, and add it to your account. It will appear on the Pushover website here:

Next, head back to the system and go to Admin > Notification Center. Create a new notification set and select the events you want to trigger the notifications:

If you want each of your techs to have their own Pushover notifications, you can set them up with their own Pushover accounts, and create 1 notification center rule set for each tech. Paste their unique user keys in the above box for each tech.

You can also have all techs listed under the same user key. Just have each tech download and install the Pushover app onto their devices, and then paste the user key into each notification set. Make sure to create one notification set per tech, though! Otherwise you might get duplicate notifications.

Your notifications on your device will look something like this:

If you have a discontinued Pebble watch, you can also get notifications on it by going into the settings on the Pushover app (on your mobile device) and checking the box labeled, 'Display notifications on Pebble'.

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