Recurring Tickets

Recurring Tickets

Yes! To set up Recurring Tickets, first you'll need to turn the setting on. Go to Admin > Settings > Ticket Settings >Advanced, and make sure that the "Recurring Tickets" check box is marked.

After turning this setting on, you will need to head over to a ticket and click on the Actions button > Make Recurring

By clicking this button, you can configure the start date and frequency of the Recurring Ticket.

Recurring Template Name is a way to know which Recurring Ticket it applies towards.

Frequency means how often the Recurring Ticket will get created.

Run Next At is the next time the ticket will get created and will start it's Frequency cycle from.  

Recurring Tickets Administration Options

You can access all of your Recurring Tickets by navigating to Admin > Tickets > Recurring Tickets.

Clicking in to the Recurring Tickets link will show you all of your Recurring Tickets across all customers along with the Next Run Date. You can click on the Yellow Pencil icon to make edits or the red 'X' to delete the Recurring Ticket.

Clicking on the Edit button will show you more specifics about that particular Recurring Ticket. You can make edits to the name, frequency and next run date. You are also able to see all of the tickets that have been created by the Recurring Ticket job.

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