Support for Multiple Tax Rates GST/PST (BETA)

Last Updated April 4th, 2019

We finally did it!

We now support multiple tax rates.

What it Does

  • You can setup your GST and PST tax rates, and a combo rate
  • You can choose which products/services get a specific rate or combo
  • You'll get reporting that just works, and it shows the dual taxes on the receipts/invoices

What it Doesn't Do

  • Xero integration planned
  • Let us know if you find anything else


First, head to Admin > Invoices > Preferences > Additional settings and opt in the "Enable multiple tax rates".

Then - setup your tax rates. You'll need 3 of them, GST, PST, and then the combined "group".

Now that you've got a couple rates created, probably drag the group to the top so it's the "Default" for your account.

Next we'll head over to Inventory and manually assign just GST to the non-physical items like "Labor"

At this point, making a new invoice will use "All" (combined) - but any time you add a Labor item it'll automatically only charge GST.

You'll be able to see this clearly in the Invoice like so


Let us know if you have any issues

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