How do I add a password to the customer portal?

Glad you asked!

We call these 'Portal Users' and they are available on the customer detail screen.

They are meant to work with contacts, so you can add contacts, then assign them portal user accounts - and they will only be able to view their own Tickets on the portal.

Invoices/Estimates/etc are not available to portal users that are linked to contacts.

Here are some technical details:
  • If a customer has no portal users, they will be able to use their secure token login link that is on by default, and linked to from the customer detail screen in the app
  • If there is at least one portal user, the secure login link will no longer be enough, they will be redirected to also use their username/password combination
  • If there is a portal user and no contacts, once they login, they should see what they had before - everything
  • If there is a portal user assigned to a contact, they should see only tickets that are assigned to their contact
  • If you as a technician log into a customers portal account, it doesn't log you out for a long time, if you then click a link to another customers portal that does not have portal users, instead of just 'being logged into it' the system will detect your prior login, and have to log you out of that session - end result, if you log in and out of a lot of portal accounts, some you'll have to click the link twice

Here is a screenshot tour of the feature;

1. You can find them on the customer detail screen

2. Click the + and you'll get a new one
(defaulting to be attached to the customer, not a contact)

3. Click the down arrow to expand the change password section

4. Add contacts, then (refresh the page) and you can assign them to portal users

5. Then you'll find on your portal login, a new link for the password option
(available at YOUR_URL/my_profile)

6. Feel free to just put a link to your login page in your email templates - or linked from your website

Giving Portal Users Admin Access

When you create an additional user they will not see the same screen of the original customer. In order to give them access to all of the info from the account, they will need admin access. You can give them access by following the steps below.

  • Create a contact with the desired users details (email, phone, name, etc. )
  • Create a portal user by selecting the “+” next to “portal user”
  • In the drop down select the new contact's name put in the users email, and create a     password.
  • Once that is complete, select the drop down next to the user’s name under “user portal” and select the name of the main user. This will give the new contact access to the Admin portion of the portal.  

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