You can do full or partial refunds and with merchandise do things like restock it or create an RMA request.

What it does

  1. Allows you to refund money back to a credit/debit card (WorldPay Payments and only)
  2. Allows you to generate a refund invoice simply that puts the correct values in place
  3. Keeps a nice reference between the invoices so you have a clear history of the refund taking place when looking back at this customer
  4. You can say what should happen to the inventory items (s), send to Returns module, put back in stock, start an RMA, etc

What it doesn't do

  1. Does not allow you to refund via Stripe
  2. Does not allow you to refund TO a credit/debit card if the original payment wasn't a credit/debit card

How to use it

Important: When entering currency amounts to refund, only enter the numeric amount. Do not type a currency symbol such as $ or £.

  1. Head to an invoice that is paid, and if you have the right permissions you can click the Actions button > Refund.

  2. Select the Refund Quantity of each line item that you are refunding back to the customer. If the item has a serial number, click "Select serials" to select the correct one.
  3. For inventory items, you can optionally choose what to do with them by clicking the Action dropdown. Pending will send them to the Returns Module to deal with later, otherwise, you can choose where to send the item.

  4. Steps to follow for a partial refund
    1. Click "Partial Refund."
    2. Enter the reason.
    3. Only enter partial refund amount if you have not entered a quantity for any of the items. Click the Taxable checkbox if appropriate.
  5. Click the Payment method dropdown to select the appropriate method that makes sense based on the original transaction.
  6. Click "Begin Refund."
  7. Now you are shown the original amount, and the new refund amount to make sure they are correct. Then you can click "Finalize Refund."
  8. Click Continue after reviewing the refund details.
  9. Refunded invoices and the refund invoice will both be linked to each other - you'll see a link above. Notice the refund invoice is just the same as the original invoice, but with a negative quantity. This should also restock the inventory item if relevant items are set up for quantity tracking.
  10. If you want to offer only in-store credit for refunds, you will need to manually apply the credit. Go to the Customer record > Edit > Additional Fields, and add the credit due.


Note for users

If you receive this message - "The refund could not be completed for the following reason: The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit" message - it's because the transaction has not been picked up by yet (that can take up to 26 hours), but you can just void the transaction rather than proceeding with the refund.

Head to the payment page itself, and down on the lower left a "Void Payment" button will be visible for approximately 24 hours after the payment was accepted. It should look like this:


Note for Refunds with a Deposit on the Invoice

Select Refund from the Action Drop-down menu.

On the Refund page, do NOT enter a quantity for the items as all the items, except the deposit, will be refunded.

Choose what to do with inventory items here - Pending will send them to the Returns Module to deal with later, otherwise, you can choose where to send the item.

Next, click the Partial Refund link and enter in text to identify the refund as well as the total amount of the refund.

Click Begin Refund and then Finalize Refund.

The refund invoice will show you that the partial refund, which should be the amount less the deposit, is refunded.

If you need to refund the deposit as well, go to the Deposit Invoice and process it like a normal refund.

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