Can I add charges to a Ticket?

Yes!  In this article we describe how to add charges and other invoiced items to a ticket:

Ticket Charges:

Ticket Charges are line items that are added to tickets for various reasons such as tracking work done on the ticket. You can add existing inventory products like labor items to a ticket as well as manually-added line items such as parts. The Ticket Timer feature also uses the Ticket Charges to track how much work is done for a customer.


You can get to the "Ticket Charges" screen by clicking on the "Add/View Charges $0.00" button at the top of a ticket. When ticket charges are added, this number will be updated to display the charges on the ticket. 

The Add New Item section will allow you to add inventory products or manual line items to the ticket. You can add inventory products by typing the product name in the "Name" field and selecting the product as it pops up below. 

The Current Items section displays all currently added ticket charges. In the image above, the top Labor item is a regular inventory product for Labor that was added using the form on the left. The bottom item was automatically added from the Ticket Timer, and has a pre-written description with some information filled in. 

If a customer has an open ticket with charges and an invoice is opened, the pending ticket charges will show up in the "Shopping Cart" pictured above. If an invoice is opened directly from the ticket with the pending charges, then the charges will automatically be added to the invoice and will not be displayed in the Shopping Cart. 

In the Shopping Cart you can see the total price for the line item charge, the ticket it is on, the name of the line item charge, and the status of the ticket. You also have the option to add individual line item charges from tickets, or add them all in one go using the "+Add All" selection at the top. 

Automatically Adding Part Order to Tickets:

Part Orders that follow some criteria can have the part automatically added as a Ticket Charge to a ticket. First make sure in the Part Order that it is linked to the correct ticket, there is a quantity entered, a retail cost for the customer, and optionally it can be marked taxable as well. You must fill out these fields before the part will be added as a Ticket Charge.

Once the Part Order has a date set for "Received:", it will be marked as resolved and the part will be added to the ticket as displayed above. 

Workflow Example:

One workflow that works really well when paired with the Ticket Charges feature is accurately tracking the time spent on specific tickets and then charging that time to the customer. For example, you could do the following:

1. Track the time worked
This is done by using the Ticket Timer on tickets, either by manually entering the time as it was tracked, or by pressing the start/stop buttons on the timer itself. This is also the place where you can add notes about what was done to track what kind of work was performed.

2. Finalize the charges for time worked
Once all of the time is in the Timer Log, you can click "Charge Time" to bring the charges over to the Ticket Charges area. We can do this as many times as we want, and it will gather all of the charges together to be billed.

3. Charge the customer for the time worked
Make an invoice from the ticket and all of the charges will automatically be brought over and added to the invoice. You can then add additional items, or just bill the customer the charges.

Customize Text for Ticket Charges:

Update this setting at Admin > Ticket Preferences > Advanced

This is useful because you can customize what customers see in the charge description on invoices. This can use Ticket, Customer and Account tags! 

Things to note:

- If an invoice is created from a ticket with charges, the charges will be brought over to the invoice automatically. 
- If the line items are deleted from the invoice, the charges will return back to the ticket. 
- If the invoice is deleted, the charges will return back to the ticket. 
- If an invoice is created for a customer who has pending ticket charges, those charges will show up in the "Shopping Cart" area of the invoice instead of being automatically added to the invoice. 
- Once a line item is added as a Ticket Charge, you cannot modify the quantity, only the price
- A green checkmark will appear next to a ticket charge line item that has been added to an invoice

An older video on this topic can also be found here:

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