How does the Invoice system work?

Starting an Invoice

Making an invoice can take just a couple clicks.

Go to a customer, and click 'New Invoice' - you can add items from inventory, scan a barcode, or add a manual item.

Your changes to invoices are saved automatically.

Here's a video demonstrating how to create an Invoice:

That's it!

Discounts on Invoices

This video shows how discounts work.

If you have a one-off need for a discount, a manual adjustment some may call it, just add a manual line item like this;

Other, Discount, quantity: 1, price: -$20.00

It will deduct that amount because it's a negative number.  You can use a negative number in the price OR quantity field.  Note, using a negative quantity and a negative price may not do what you want :)

Partial Payments or Deposits

Sometimes a customer will come and make a partial payment that you need to take, but not mark their invoice as paid. 

Just click 'Payment Form' and change the amount to whatever they are paying.  It will create a payment in the system, but it won't apply it to an invoice or mark an invoice as paid until they pay enough to complete the invoice.

The invoice will also show you new totals and un-applied credit balance on the invoice detail screens while they have a balance.

If you accidentally take odd amounts and leave a lingering credit you want removed, just go to the customer detail page, and click 'Edit' - you will be able to clear out or modify the credit balance.

Email or Snail Mail

Clicking email will instantly email the invoice to the customer as a PDF attachment.  If you have a paypal email address in your account settings it will add a paypal payment link.

If you have a business customer that you want to send snail mail to, just click the snail mail button.  An invoice will literally be sent to a mail house and put in an envelope and sent off to your customer. You may need to buy stamps from us to keep this going, it costs us about $1USD per piece of mail, we charge about that for stamp refills.

*recurring invoices can also be snail mailed or sent as a pdf in email

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