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Capture Signatures on iPads - POS Second Screen App

What it Does

  • Provides a second screen on an iPad to display terms and capture signatures from your customers without needing to show them your main computer or swivel the monitor in some way.
  • Are you a Mac User and not able to use the Topaz signature pads? You can use this to capture signatures!

What it Doesn't Do

  • Function as a mobile app. See our RepairShopr Lite article for that.
  • Work on iPhones, Macs, or anything other than an iPad.


Set Up

Start by heading to the App Store on your iPad, search for "RepairShopr POS Second Screen" and download/install it.


When you launch the app, you will be prompted to login with your RepairShopr credentials.


You need to select a register that the App will be connected to. This is a required step and you may need to create a Register in RepairShopr.


Next create a PIN for the Second Screen app (this is different than the PIN used in the main RS app).


If desired, add a welcome message and your logo in the Settings.


Quick Recommendation: We suggest checking out iOS Guided Access feature built into iOS to keep people from accidentally leaving the Second Screen App.

Usage in RepairShopr

Now you can capture signatures for Intake and Outtake Forms! When your tech is creating a ticket in RepairShopr on their browser, once they click Create Ticket in the computer browser, the Intake Form will appear on the second screen app. The customer can then scroll the terms and sign. The browser on the tech's computer will update automatically with the signature.


When creating an invoice or adding products to the POS on your non-customer facing computer, the line items will appear on the Second Screen so the customer can see the update.


If you are capturing signatures after payments in RepairShopr, you can capture a signature on the payment success screen.

If you want to disable capturing payment signatures, in RepairShopr go to More > Admin > Invoices - Preferences, turn off Enable electronic signatures on Payment screen, and click Save.

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