Premium Backups

Optionally have your account data backed up monthly or daily automatically to your DropBox account.

NOTE: Due to the high load and the large amount of data this generates we are charging for this service.

We already make your data super simple to export from the program via csv dumps in the reports section and a very simple API, but some have asked for more.

We will monthly or nightly - place a backup of your: Customers, Invoices, Tickets, Ticket Comments, and Assets as CSV files in your DropBox account.


To get started, click on the Database Backups "App Card" shown here:

Once inside, click on the blue button at the bottom to connect your account to DropBox:

Follow the on-screen prompts to finish setup and you should be all set!


Monthly Backups - $5.00 USD/mo, Nightly Backups - $10.00 USD/mo

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