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{{ticket_date}} ignores timezone preference in settings

Recently while trying to create an automation that displays Ticket info in Slack, I discovered that the template tag I was using to print the time and date of the ticket ignores my timezone preference.

As of the time of writing this, it's Monday, 12:08PM the first of November 2016. {{ticket_date}} output "Sun 10-30-16 03:08 PM". My timezone preference in the general settings under the admin tab is GMT +12

I can only conclude that the template tag ignores my timezone preference when they pull the time of ticket creation.

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  • GS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is actually working in our favour right now as RepairShopr has the date format wrong for Canada.

    (Locking a date format to something else like country is a really bad idea anyway, as it forces companies / clients to use date formats they might not be familiar with).

    Half of RS when set to Canada has the date as YYYY-MM-DD (the closest thing Canada has to an official date format - used by the Fed etc.), and half they system uses the USA format (Middle Big Smallest).


    Is that:

    RepairShopr's ambiguous date formats and weird hand-railing date formats to countries is one of our biggest pet peeves with it.

    I'd suggest in the spirit of fixing this issue AND being more viable for international customers, development hours should simply be spent adding an easy date format selection in settings and have dates throughout the system respect the setting. That's how countless softwares handle this (WordPress pops into my head right away).

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