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    This thread seems to be talking about different things – so I need to get clarification if possible.

    When you comment on this thread please state if you want “gift certificate support”, meaning a template to print them or something, and maybe a way to track the balance – OR -

    “gift card support via Vantiv” where you have to buy magstripe cards with your design, have a Vantiv account, and deal with loading / checking balances / and the regulation that goes along with being required to allow people to cash out/etc.

    We can refer to these as “basic gift certificates” or “magstripe gift cards” in the comments.

    Feel free to say you want both! :)

    The Vantiv “gift card support” is a fairly large project that we would need to see a lot of votes to get going.

    A basic gift certificate tracking system might be simpler and…

    Brandon commented  · 

    Also Troy, we use your program for our music store and it integrates rather well. Gift Cards are excellent for donation use to school programs. I'd assume computer repair shops could also use them to donate to school in their town as a way to give back to the community and as a marketing tool.

    Brandon commented  · 

    This is a high priority for our business and may need to outsource if not on the agenda for 2016

    Brandon supported this idea  · 

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