Meet "AutoPrintr"


Download: AutoPrintr 2.0.25

AutoPrintr should be installed only once per location.

Windows Installation

To install, just download and run.
If you are on Windows 10 - you need to right-click and "run as administrator".
If you already had the service installed, you may need to stop it to install a newer version.
(start, run, services.msc - find autoprintr - hit stop)

Setup Instructions:

1. Once you run it, it will want you to login - use your regular user login

If this window does not pop up after installation, navigate to the system tray and left click on the AutoPrintr icon and select login.

2. After logging in we recommend checking the "Add to Startup" and "Run the Service" checkboxes so that AutoPrintr starts up when the OS logs in.

3. On the Printers tab, you can choose which printer gets which document type - and how many

4. All done - now when you click print in the Web App, jobs will auto print to the right place!

You are able to access the Logs and Jobs at any time by clicking on the AutoPrintr icon in the system tray.


If you have just installed the service and it is not printing despite triggers being active, please restart the computer. We know it sounds silly, but this has worked for many Users as sometimes Windows requires a restart for a service to begin running.

Prior message about the CloudPrint issues...

Written on August 24th 2016

Beginning a few weeks ago we saw a major influx of reports of print jobs taking "forever". Many of you are using Google CloudPrint for all your receipts, labels, everything - and when it stops working it's a big interruption.

The Problem

We've basically seen that in most cases currently if you send a single print job to CloudPrint the job can sit for 2 to 10 minutes before printing. This is on the Google side, as we've reproduced the issue in every test we've done printing PDFs directly to CloudPrint as well as from within the system. (We haven't changed our CloudPrint setup either)

We did see other reports of this going back a while on the Chrome product forums, but no answer - only a "contact your enterprise support team". We don't have one of those, we have no way to contact Google - just like you.

A Workaround

Today there doesn't exist anything like CloudPrint, no other web-based software out there can instantly print the way we do - unless they also integrated to CloudPrint. What you do in other software is just get a print dialog (which may auto-open) and you select your printer and hit "ok".

Idea 1) 

We have heard that if you select your print quantity in the system to "2" instead of "1" - the second job normally makes the queue push through and print out right away.

Idea 2)

You can always print manually from the PDF, for example here is the link for the Payment Receipt: 

The Solution

The same day we started seeing all of these reports we started planning our solution. The answer was obvious, we have to build our own CloudPrint. 

We are calling it AutoPrintr. We are going to open-source it so others can use the same tool if they want.

It will be a Windows background service you install, login to your account, choose the jobs/etc - and print jobs will start flowing. Our goal is to make it even more reliable and faster than CloudPrint - wish us luck!

We'll be writing to everyone that has CloudPrint configured over the next weeks as this comes together.

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