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Last Updated June 14th 2016

Inventory is the module we place all Hardware & Services in that you might sell. It's both a primary tab on the site navigation, and an overarching concept that includes Purchasing, Vendors, Purchase Orders, Stock Take, and lots more.

What it Does

  • Tracks the items (both products and services) that you will sell
  • You can choose to maintain stock at the item level
  • Fully Serialized - meaning we track down to the individual instance
  • Serial Numbers allowed - you can store individual serial numbers on each item if you want
  • Batch Tracking from Purchase Orders ties instances to Vendors
  • Set reorder level, desired quantity, cost, retail, categories, tons more
  • One-Click electronic ordering available for select vendors
  • Pending Orders page - All your reordering in one place

What it Doesn't Do

  • Variants like; Size: Small, Medium, Large (you have to just duplicate the item)


Starting out - head to Inventory on the main nav.

Here you can see your list of Products and Services, and you can make some changes right inline on that page. Sort and search work well to find things you are looking for. We recommend setting up a few labor items for the categories of services you might offer, and then maybe importing from Excel your list of items you want to sell.

Important articles every user should read about Inventory:
  1. Can I bulk import Inventory?

  2. Inventory Import CSV Breakdown and Bulk Update

  3. Parts vs Inventory - What's the difference?

  4. Purchase Orders - Ordering more Inventory

  5. How do I add a SKU? 

Once you have your inventory all set, you are basically ready to start making Invoices!

If you want to learn about Vendors, purchase, and more - see the links below to jump out to those pages.

Pending Orders

If you enable the backorders feature in the Inventory Settings, you'll get a new link from the Inventory page for "Pending Orders". This puts backorders, and low stock items all in one place for one-click purchase order creation!

Sub-Modules Links

  1. Stock Takes
  2. Purchase Orders
  3. Pending Orders
  4. Vendors
  5. Logistics
  6. Returns and RMAs
  7. Bulk Editing
  8. Refurbs (Refurbishing items for sale)

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