eTech Parts Integration

We are proud to unveil our new eTech Parts electronic ordering integration! eTech is a premier parts and tools supplier with a great community dedicated to you mobile device shops out there.

Our integration will enable "1 click re-ordering" (yeah, it's a couple clicks..) so you can easily add your low stock inventory to a Purchase Order in the software, and click a single button to populate your shopping cart on the eTech website.

What it Does

  • One-button tap on a Purchase Order (PO) will send those items into your eTech "shopping cart" for easy checkout
  • As the order is updated on the eTech side, the PO will get updates from eTech about the status, backorders, shipping tracking numbers
  • You will see "action helpers" for things like 1) back orders or 2) an item purchased that isn't listed in your inventory

What it Doesn't Do

  • Direct checkout within your account -- you still go over to the eTech site to complete your purchase
  • You'll get tracking numbers as things ship but without automatically calculating arrival dates

How to Use It

First - find the eTech "app card" from our App Center (If you don't see it, don't worry, you will when it's released to everyone). 

Just enter your eTech username (email) and hit save.

Then, go to the application "Vendors" page and make sure you have one called "eTech Parts". 

NOTE: You'll need your vendor name to match exactly to "eTech Parts" for this integration.

Once those are all set, when you are looking at an open PO for eTech - you'll have a green button that says:

Clicking that button will populate your cart at eTech, go check out and you are all done!

Setup Inventory

If you aren't already using vendor SKU's on products, this is a requirement for the electronic ordering.

Adding SKUs to your products means when you email a PO to that vendor, their internal numbering will show up for the products so you can always get the exact right item.

Inside your account on the Product Edit screen, the SKU is located here:

Any products that have these SKUs on them should be able to work with the electronic order processing.

To find the SKU for a product, check the eTech website and the SKU will be located under any item.

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