iFixit - Product Catalogs

A "Product Catalog" in our software is a database of products from a vendor that we have prepared and are able to provide to you to make setting up inventory super simple.

The first one we are launching with is iFixit! They are a great product supplier, lifetime warranties, and a company with a true desire to help repair shops.

iFixit has recently launched wholesale pricing and are gearing up to try to win your business.

Why use a Catalog

When you visit the product catalogs and import some products into your inventory, we automatically setup the vendor (or map to existing with the same name), and we bring in the product SKUs. This makes it so you can easily order from this vendor and always get the exactly correct product.

Another great benefit of using the iFixit catalog is they have really good standardized data around product naming and descriptions, so if you do anything with phones or iPads, this is a great catalog to start with.

How to Start

It couldn't be easier!

Head to Admin -> App Center -> Product Catalogs, click iFixit.

Click the link to go to your "profile edit" page in iFixit and enter the API Auth Token from the software. iFixit requires you to enter a billing address before the API field appears in the settings.

Now you can import all the products, or perform a search and just import the results. (Or, just select a few to import if you want)

That's it!

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