Subscription Management - Billing, Notifications, etc

We've had recurring invoicing for quite a while, but many people needed a little bit more. We answered your feedback by implementing most of the suggestions - more will be coming as we grow into this feature. (especially retrying a credit card, coming soonish)

What it Does

  • You can create a recurring invoice, and set the type to "Subscription" to enable some subscription management features
  • You will be able to use some rules to get tickets or alerts when critical things happen
  • These subscriptions will show up in the customer portal
  • Customers can request to cancel a subscription (creates a ticket for you to process that request, not automatic)
  • You can attach a Contract to the subscription, and now the subscription will stop running when the contract expires
  • Subscriptions with a contract attached will not show the "Cancel" button in the customer portal (nice eh?)
  • Rule: A ticket can be created if their credit card fails to charge
  • Rule: A ticket can be created 1 month prior to the contract end date
  • Retry failed payments
  • Allow customer to update payment method


Basic flow:
  1. Create a contract for a customer, set the start/end dates
  2. Create a recurring invoice, change to Subscription
  3. Enjoy!

Portal Cancellation Flow
  1. Create a subscription but don't attach a contract
  2. Now it shows a cancel button in the portal



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