PCRT Importer

Many people have asked us if they can bring in their data from PC Repair Tracker, so we built a tool.

This is a script you install on your PCRT server, and then browsing to the file via your web browser will take you through the export.

Exporting from PCRT into our software.

Right now it supports creating customers, assets, tickets, and invoices. 

You can find it on our github profile, here is link:


Here is a copy of the readme:

A simple script to help import your data into our software from your PCRT installation.

Right now it supports Customers/Tickets/Invoices/Assets.

(invoices will be coming soon)

How to use it:

  1. See instructions on the github page, only use the command line mode at this point - it's most stable

It will ask their db host, user, password, as well as your subdomain and API key from our software (which you can find in the software under User Menu - My Profile/Password)

**Note:  The import can take a long time, as each customer takes about 5 seconds to import.  Depending on the amount of customers that you have, this could take 12 hours or more.  Please keep this in mind if you have a large amount of customers.  You will want to do the math, and increase the timeout on your PCRT server to make sure that it doesn't timeout after a couple of minutes.

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