Setting up Receipt Printers

Types of Receipts

Ticket Receipts

  • If you have google cloud print enabled, you can set the ticket receipt to print automatically at ticket creation so that you can give it to your customer right away
  • Barcodes on ticket receipts are system generated and identify each unique ticket. Scanning this barcode in the "Search All the Things" field will bring up the ticket page
  • Ticket receipts are not currently customizable

Payment Receipts

  • If you have google cloud print enabled, you can set this to print automatically when payment is successfully accepted.
    • The barcodes on payment receipts are based on the customer phone number. Scanning this barcode into the "Search All the Things" or on the search box on the Customers page will bring up the individual customer page
    • Payment receipts are not currently customizable

    Print Receipts Automatically

    If you have Google Cloud Print set up, you can chose to have receipts print automatically when triggering events occur.

    Print Receipts Locally

    Ticket Receipts


    After you've accepted payment on an invoice, you can manually print the receipt for that payment via the pdf button next to the payment:

    Supported Receipt Printers

    Epson TM-T88V

    1. Start by downloading the TM-T88V driver here.

    2. Walk through the installation steps. Make sure you select the appropriate port:


    Video with the full setup and some adjusting of print settings on the Epson:

    Star TSP 100

    Please note that we have had luck getting users' Star TSP100 printers set up in this way, but we haven't fully tested this yet with any other models of Star printers.
    1. Download driver here and follow the installation steps 2. Navigate to Control Panel > Devices and Printers and right click on the Star TSP100 to reach "Printer Preferences" 3. Click on the Advanced button in the Layout tab 4. Select paper size 72mm X 200mm, and click Apply

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