You can now sell devices in RepairShopr via Sourcely! 

Sourcely provides you with a buy back platform that you can offer to your customers. To get started, create your account here
This allows you to quickly add a new potential revenue stream to your business or streamline your existing quote and buy back process.

Once you've created a Sourcely account, you can enter your Sourcely subdomain and enable the feature in your RepairShopr App Center using the Sourcely app card:

This will then insert a new first screen in your Device Repair widget wherever it shows (on your website, for example):

If a customer clicks "Start My Repair" they'll go through your standard device repair flow through RepairShopr.

If they click 'Sell My Device', they'll be directed to your Sourcely buy back page and flow (this is our demo example -- yours will show your branding and whatever pricing you customize within the Sourcely platform):


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