What is the customer wiki?

A wiki is a place you can store free-form text like help documents, customer information, user guides, etc. It's easy to edit and keeps a version history so you can always easily revert back.

What it does

Gives you a place to put content for your team with a nice HTML editor so you can put all kinds of nice looking content.
  • Easily create pages and link them together
  • Add links to images/etc

What it doesn't do

Currently it doesn't allow you to store files for download - but you can link to files that are accessible on the internet.


We can't help you with specific HTML, but we can help with the basics of how to link things.

To make a link, just highlight some text and click the link button:

Then you can give it anything in the URL, typically that should be hyphenated, so just create it that way:

For example, to link to a page called "How to setup a Printer" make the link destination "how-to-setup-a-printer".

(If you use spaces it shouldn't break, the system will automatically handle the links - let us know if you run into link issues!)

Screenshot Tour

The customer wiki, located on the main customer detail page, is a place to include many details about your customer. You can enable it under Admin > Customers > Preferences:

You can find the customer wiki page on the main customer detail page:

Once you've clicked the 'Customer Wiki Page' link for the first time, you'll be prompted to create the first wiki page for that customer:

If creating a customer wiki, don't change the name of the wiki page, as this is how our application connects the page to that specific customer.

To access the main wiki, go to Admin, Tabs Settings, and enable the Wiki Tab!

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