Customers - Bulk updating

Yes! If you need to perform an update for many customers, you may find it easier to do this in Excel rather than manually updating each customer record in the application.


1. Export your customer file by navigating to Admin > Reports > Customer Dump to CSV.

2. If it's a large file, this may take a few minutes. When it's ready, you'll find it in /reports/downloads.

3. Edit the file in Excel. Detailed notes and suggestions are below.

4. Reimport the edited file. Admin > Customers > Customer Import. (more info:

Columns in Customer CSV Export:

id: The unique ID that the software has assigned to that customer. It is not recommended you modify this.

firstname: The customers first name

lastname: The customers last name.

email: The customers email address

address: The main address for the customer

address_2: Used for apartment number, etc.

city, state, and zip: The customer's location information

phone: A phone number serves as the unique ID for the customer. It is recommended you include one.

mobile_phone: A mobile phone number is required for SMS

office_phone:  Phone number in Office Phone category.

home_phone: Phone number in Home Phone category.

fax_phone:  Phone number in Fax Phone category.

other_phone: Phone number in Other Phone category.

get_sms: Set to TRUE if customer can receive SMS messages

location_id: It is not recommended you modify this.

business_name: If the customer has a business, or if this is a business account, include the business name here

created_at: System driven. It is not recommended that you edit this unless you specifically need to.

updated_at: System driven. It is not recommended that you edit this unless you specifically need to.

referred_by: You can customize referred by sources in Admin > Customer Preferences. You can then add these sources to this field for your reports.

notes: Notes on the Customer detail.

tax_rate: Tax rate for Customer if different than the default. The tax rate is the code in the URL when viewing Tax Rates.

tax_free: Set to TRUE if the customer is tax exempt.

no_email: Set to TRUE if customer should not be permitted to receive email or FALSE if customer should be permitted to receive email

opt_out: Set to TRUE if customers want to opt out of marketing emails or FALSE if they want to receive them.

disabled: Set to TRUE if customer is disabled.

custom_fields: Refer to the customer import document for more information

Specific Situations:

Customers have been set to "no email"

It is possible for your customers to be automatically set to no email. This happens if the system detects a bounced email from the customer. Their name will then show in Admin > Reports > Customer Opt Outs. You'll also be notified of this when you try to email them through the system. This is designed to keep your email from getting blacklisted / flagged as spam. If you have a large number of these in the system, you can perform a bulk update to reset these.

To make it so that all your customers are permitted to receive email, set no_email to FALSE. If you do not have a no_email column in your export, go ahead and add it.

You would like to delete all your customers' phone numbers:

Delete the information from the appropriate column(s).

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