How does MAXfocus (GFI MAX) work in RepairShopr?



Now that we got that out of the way..

What it does

Our integration currently syncs customers and assets, and shows you alerts. You can manually adjust the GFI Client to Customer mapping, and you can clear alerts in the system and they will clear in GFI Max as well.

The alerts will appear in a new button on the Tickets page, GFI Alerts - you can see them, search them, clear them, and turn them into tickets.

We also bring Take Control into the Assets tab, you'll see a little arrow link next to the controllable assets.

Note: We sync with GFI every 10~ minutes.

Asset Note: We will automatically create some asset types for "Server" and "Workstation". If you already have these, you can manually add these field names as text fields to see the Max Focus asset custom fields if you want:

"agent_version", "description", "device_serial", "domain", "external_ip", "install_date", "ip", "last_boot_time", "last_scan_time", "model", "os", "os_product_key", "total_memory"

Video Tour

Step by Step Tour

Head to App Center and click on GFI Max to get started

Click on the get started button to enter the setup wizard

Enter your base URL and API key. If you are in the USA, just use the text that is in the placeholder. If you are in the EU use this API Host:

You probably want to read all this:

For the initial sync you will need to make sure your Max Focus customers are already imported into RepairShopr using our CSV import. This would only be required for the initial setup of the integration. Moving forward the setting to create customers in RepairShopr from Max Focus can be enabled to have new customers created and mapped automatically. The system will begin trying to map your customers, if the business name matches it will link them up - otherwise, you can manually map them on the next screen. 

Once it has the customers, it shows you the screen where you can verify and map them.

Clicking the blue change icon will allow you to adjust the mapping, you can always do that later too

Once you are all done - it will do an initial sync of the assets and alerts. Alerts will sit in a new screen allowing you to clear them, or turn them into a ticket!

At any time you can come back to this page and click the "Client" link to update the client mapping, check or uncheck the box to auto create Customers when you create a client in GFI Max, or just start the wizard over if you want to trigger another sync of the clients.

Now on your Tickets page you'll have this new button

You can filter the alerts on any fields, you can mass clear them, or turn them into tickets

Next to the assets you'll see an arrow link, that's the take control connection file - give it a shot!

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