d7 / d7II / dSS Troubleshooting - Reports

d7 / d7II / dSS Troubleshooting

If your reports aren't being attached to a ticket in RepairShopr, there are some troubleshooting steps you can follow to get this working:

1. Are you able to get a test email to go to yourself?

2. Are you able to get a test email to go to your RepairShopr alias? This will probably show up in leads - if they are enabled.

3. If you can't get it to email, you will need to figure out how to make it email to us before we can integrate it into the app.

4. Can you verify that you have one of the following strings in the subject? 'd7 Reports', 'd7II Reports', etc.

5. Can you double check there is an "Info Report" when you try to send a real one?

6. Make sure that the 'FROM' email address is not set to your inbound email alias in RepairShopr.

7. If you think you have a ticket number on it, AND an "Info Report" attached, please add help@repairshopr.com in the destination email and send us one, that includes the "Info Report" - without an Info Report our integration won't do anything.

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