Customer Badges

Our application allows your to apply customer badges or icons in order to quickly distinguish different customer types. 

This is done using the drop down option in Customer Custom FieldsYou can apply badges that will follow the customer throughout the software, giving you quick, at-a-glance information on what type of customer they are. Common examples could be distinguishing between residential, and business customers.

1. First, head over to Admin > Customers > Customer Custom Fields to create custom fields for your customers.

2. You can choose a few methods, including check boxes, drop downs, web links, or text fields. To use customer badges, use drop downs. In this example, there are 3 "answers" for customer type.

3. After creating your custom fields and assigning badges to them, you can apply these custom fields to a new customer. Head over to Customers > Create a new customer:

That's it! You can now apply this custom field answer to a customer, and the badge will follow them throughout the software for quick reference:

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