CloudPrint Troubleshooting

Trouble with Printing

**For instructions on how to set up Cloud Print, refer to this article.
*** For an even more detailed blog post on how to setup your CloudPrint to be trouble-free, read on here

Note: Our preferred printing solution for Windows users is AutoPrintr, a printing system designed and built by us to work with the system. You can read more about AutoPrintr here: 

My tickets/invoices/labels were printing and stopped!

The computer you did the setup on needs Chrome to remain authorized to google cloud print for the connection from the cloud to your printer to be active.

Sometimes you just need to open Chrome, visit, and you will get asked to login. If you weren't logged in, chances are, it will fire off the print jobs at this time.

If you were signed in, and printer still shows jobs queuing, reboot the computer - this happens every few weeks. If you wait to deal with it for a few days, you are going to have hundreds of items in your queue and they will all print at the same time.

My Labels are printing small/crooked/funny

As you know, printing can be strange. The printer will have settings, Windows has "Printer Preferences", and then we add Google Cloud Print on top of that - it can be tricky to get the settings just right.

Thankfully, most of the time the defaults 'just work'.

When they don't... Here is a good way to do some of the basic troubleshooting;
  1. Go to a customer detail page, in Chrome, and click the barcode label to view the PDF in Chrome
  2. Hover on it, and click print, or hit ctrl+p
  3. In Chrome, there are multiple categories of printers, 'Recent Destinations', 'Local Destinations', and 'Cloud Print' - be sure to manually select the one you want while troubleshooting
  4. Pick the Cloud Print destination that isn't coming out correctly, and hit print.  Try Landscape and Portrait.

If it's the wrong size entirely, the print driver probably thinks the paper is the wrong size/shape
  1. Close the browser
  2. Go to Windows, Control Panel, Printers, right-click your printer and get to "Print Preferences"
  3. Try adjusting the orientation, paper size, quality (try 300x300 dpi rather than the highest quality)- anything that looks like it might affect it
  4. After each individual change, open the browser, go to that customer record and PDF, and send a test job
  5. If you can't get this to print correctly, get teamviewer or a remote screen share program running and contact us with a time and information to do a screenshare with you so we can help you out!
These steps are bypassing RepairShopr entirely and just using Chrome and Google Cloud Print to narrow down the issue. If you get the print job to work through cloud print, chances are, it's going to work in RepairShopr because that is exactly how we send the print job to Google.

In our testing we have run into this a couple different times, and adjusting just the quality a couple times has actually fixed it - which is strange - but it worked.

If you absolutely can't get Google Cloud Print to work, no problem, just open the PDF's and hit print to keep business flowing.. We haven't seen this cause too much trouble yet, it's worth a little work to take that step of printing out your workflow!

My PDFs are printing blanks

We've heard a few reports of this happening. It seems to be an issue with how the Chrome browser is handling PDFs. You can confirm this by saving the PDF to your desktop and seeing whether it prints correctly from the saved file.

If it prints correctly from the saved file, then there are a couple of possible solutions:

- Go to chrome://plugins/ and disable the "Chrome PDF Viewer" to make Adobe Acrobat handle the PDFs instead of Chrome.

- Try using “ctrl+shift+p”, to print using the system dialogue instead of the chrome dialogue

- If you have 32 bit chrome installed, you could uninstall that and reinstall the 64 bit version. link here: 

My printing is slow

Try installing the Google Cloud Print service for Windows.

My Receipts Have Extra Paper at the Beginning/End

At the 6:00 minute mark in the video below, there are steps for adjusting the gaps on your receipt. If these steps do not work, and you are using the Epson receipt printer, it could be that you have a newer Epson driver. 

Trouble getting the cash drawer to pop:

With our setup this is 100% controlled by the printer, your drawer should be plugged into the receipt printer - and there should be a setting like this:

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