Setting up Cloud Print in RepairShopr

Note: Our preferred printing solution for Windows users is AutoPrintr, a printing system designed and built by us to work with our software. You can read more about AutoPrintr here:

The app uses Google Cloud Print to make it easier to send print jobs to your local printers. By setting up Cloud Print you can automate printing tasks, as well as have access to quick print buttons on your various documents.

Since this is browser-based, it works on both Mac and PC, as long as you're running Google Chrome.

The steps below are broken into 3 sections: Configuring your printers locally, syncing your printers to your Chrome account, and syncing your Chrome account to the .

Optional: Google allows you to run a Windows service to catch the print jobs instead of using your Chrome browser - if you are interested, you can try this once you're set up after following the steps below:

**If after this set up you have issues with Cloud Print, refer to this article.

Configure Printers Locally

1. Confirm that your supported printers are added locally and seen by your computer in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.

On a Mac, this is done in System Preferences > Printers.

Sync Printers to your Chrome Account

2. Create a Google Chrome account and sign in. This article goes over the steps involved. Note: Your Chrome account needs to match your Google sync account attached to our software, covered in step 7.

3. Go to Chrome > Settings > Search, and search for "print." Then click Manage:

4. Confirm that your printers are seen by Google, and then click 'Add Printers'.

5. Confirm the printers once again and click 'Add Printer(s)'. Your Google Cloud Print account is now set up!

Syncing Printers

6. Within our software, go to Admin > Integrations > App Center and click the Google Cloud Print tile:

7. Click 'Authorize' and link your Google account with your account with us:

8. Confirm the account that our software is syncing to (should be the same as Chrome Account discussed in step 2):

9. After authorizing your Google account, click the 'Printers' button to be taken to your printers list:

10. You can now click into them to edit what they print, the QTY, and if they should print on triggers:

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