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The Returns Manager is where you can track products that have been returned that have not yet been added back to inventory or need to be sent back to vendors for various reasons like RMAs.

 To start, head to the Inventory Tab > Inventory Modules > Returns Manager

Once at the Return's Manager you will be able to create a new return or manage existing ones.

Creating a New Return is as easy as clicking the New Return button and entering a name, description and choosing a Vendor. Then you can add products to the Return on the right side of the screen.

Once the item has been added, the quantity selected will be removed from inventory. In the event of a serialized item, the selected serial number(s) will be removed from inventory as well.

After adding your item to the RMA, you can then begin the process of tracking the return.

The following are a description of the various options available:

  • Restock - moves back to active/available inventory and resolves the return.
  • RMA Requested - changes the status to say it's basically waiting for your vendor to approve the RMA so you can return the item to them. You will then have additional tracking options available:
  • RMA Sent - allows you to update the status indicating that the item has been sent back to your vendor. You will have additional status updates to follow your return along the process, either of which will resolve the return. Selecting RMA Repaired will move the item back into active inventory.
  • RMA Declined - allows you to indicate that your vendor has declined your RMA request. Selecting this will resolve the return.
  • Breakage - this means the item, for whatever reason, needs to be destroyed, inventory lost, broken, etc 
  • Edit - allows you to modify the return, add items to it, etc

Additionally, when you go through a refund of an invoice that included a product that was maintained/inventoried, it will now prompt you for what you would like to do with the product. Just have it set to Pending by default to put it into the Returns manager:


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