Employee Settings

These settings are accessed via Admin > Employees - Preferences.

List of Allowed IPs for Technicians to use the site: This is a list of approved IPs for accessing your account. Learn more about limiting employee access to certain IP addresses.

Timeout users after inactive minutes: Time in minutes of inactivity that will sign out the current logged in User.

MFA Time Setting: Time setting that will require new multi-factor authentication after successfully authenticating from a device. The lowest you can set this to is one hour. This only requires a new MFA if the user signs out or closes the browser tab. If the user stays logged in, goes to another site, then returns to their own RepairShopr site, it will not require a new MFA.

Disable login pin: Will not require a login PIN if the box is checked (enabled).

Make sure to click Save after changing any of these settings.

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