Invoice Settings

Enable the Deposits feature: For more information on Deposits, refer to this article.

Save Invoices to Dropbox: This will put a copy of Invoice PDF files in your dropbox account.

Enable electronic signatures on Payment screen: Allows you to receive signatures electronically with a touch screen display, or Topaz signature Pad.

Enable Topaz Signature Pad: For more information on this, refer to our Topaz signature Pad article.

Last Invoice Number: Changing this will allow you to reset your Invoice numeric ordering.

Invoice Terms: You can add multiple Terms to apply to new Invoices you create. Review this in more depth in our Invoice Terms article.

*Advanced Settings*

Disable Tax: Removes taxes from all Inventory by default.

Disable Quick Payments button: Removes the Quick Payment option in Invoices and POS.

Retry Failed Payments for Recurring Invoices: Enables the application to automatically attempt to bill your customers again after a failed payment was made on a Recurring Invoice.    

Enable Invoice Admin Payment Verification: This enables a column where you can track "Paid" invoices manually. This is typically used if you have a bookkeeper that verifies actual deposit of funds in the bank for payments taken by your techs.

Do not include the Ticket details on the Invoice PDF: Removes all Ticket comments from the Invoice PDF, shortening the Invoice length and keeping the comments internal.

VAT Registration Number: Enabling this will put your VAT Registration Number on your printed receipts after Refreshing your Templates.

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