Purchase Orders - Restocking Inventory

Vendors are companies that you can source parts and inventory from. You can create Vendors and assign them to Inventory Items as well as Purchase Orders to better track where your parts are coming from. 

You can find Vendors by going to Inventory (Tab) >Inventory Modules (Button) > Vendors

Once there you can Create a New Vendor by clicking on the "New Vendor" Button

You can then associate parts in your inventory with Vendors (note that you can only add items to a PO if you are maintaining stock levels on it):

Once you have items associated with vendors, you can create a PO by going to Inventory Tab > Inventory Modules (Button) > Purchase Orders:

Create a New Purchase order by selecting the "New Purchase Order" button

Create the Purchase Order with your details:

Add items to your PO here and update Shipping Charges as needed:

DELIVERY TRACKING NOTE: While not shown in the New Purchase Order image above, we have added a Delivery Tracking field that you can enter tracking information either during the initial PO setup or while editing an existing PO and it will be linked per the following guidelines.
  • If a tracking item by itself is entered into the field it will try to use a Google search to find it.
  • If multiple items are entered separated by commas or spaces (like abo322,aoosi29,aouia22) it will treat it as text.
  • If a URL starting with http:// or https:// it will be treated as a web link.

You can also add all Low Stock items from a vendor and email that vendor the information.
You can add further items or set the Status to Ordered when done:

When the order arrives, change the status to Check-In to receive the items into Inventory.

This will then automatically update the status to Finished.

Import/Export Purchase Orders for fast editing of costs to process orders!

First head to an existing PO and choose Actions then Export to CSV

Next, open the CSV file to make edits or add more line items

Important to note - When importing the CSV back to the system, make sure that you have at 1 of the 3 following items: Product ID, UPC or Vendor SKU

When the CSV is ready to head back to the system and create a new PO. Then click Actions > Import.

You will see a familiar upload page that is similar to the other upload sections in the software.

Remember you need 1 of the 3 following items: Product ID, UPC or Vendor SKU on the CSV in order for it to import successfully

Once you have processed your import, the line items will show up on the PO and you can send it off to the vendor!

Here is a link to the Feature Friday video highlighting the Purchase Order CSV import functionality:

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