Can I Bundle Items in RepairShopr?

Yes! We have a full bundles module.

This is especially useful for custom builds or cell phone repairs where you want to track inventory but don't want to show the details of what's include in a line item to a customer.

To start, go to Inventory > Bundles:

Click New Inventory Bundle:

Here, you can name your bundle, add items from your inventory, optimize the price by line item, or make an overall price for the bundle:

  • The items included here will be driven off your inventory so it's also possible to include a mix of taxable and non-taxable items. The system will handle calculating things properly for the bundle.
  • You can also create a UPC code for the combined bundle.


To add a bundle to an invoice, simply search or scan it in the line items section of the invoice.

You can then click the expand button on the invoice to see what's included.

NB: Please note only the single item will be visible on the invoice for customers and they won't be able to expand the bundle.

Also, to make creating bundles quick and easy (for instance, for screen replacements for many different models of phones), you can use the Clone button when creating bundles in Inventory > Bundles:


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