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Ticket Timer Options
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Looking to track time on your tickets? This overview shows you how you can do that in the system.

Start by heading to Admin > Ticket Preferences > "Enable Ticket Time Tracking module" > Save

Now when you are on a ticket, there will be a section call Labor Log.

Important Note: Products in the Labor category will show in the Rate drop down.


Clicking the View Log button you will have the ability to manually create a Log, you can see a list of all time logs for the ticket and choose to add the time log as a bilable item.

The logged charges can be added to the Ticket Timer charges here. Uncharged time will show a button called "Charge Time." Charges added to the Ticket Charges will show as a Red button call 'Clear Charges.' Charges added to a invoice will show a 'Invoiced' button that will take you to the invoice.

Ticket Timer Options

There are some options available for Ticket Timer that enhance it's abilities. These are all located at Ticket Preferences > Advanced section.

Ticket Timer - Round UP to number of minutes

This will make it so that your timer logs will round up to the nearest minute selected from the drop down. Handy if you work has minimum time charges.

Labor Product for Ticket Timer labor charges

This will allow you to select your default labor product that the timer uses when it creates charges.

Customize Text for Ticket Charges

This is especially useful because you can customize what customer's see in the charge description on invoices. This can use Ticket, Customer and Asset tags! There are also Ticket Timer specific tags as well!

Ticket Timer Tags:


Ticket Tags:

{{ticket_creator_name ticket_date}}
{{ticket_due_date appointment_start_time}}
{{ticket_custom_fields initial_comment_body}}
{{ticket_barcode_string ticket_worksheet_tables}}
{{ticket_images_rendered ticket_link ticket_url}}

Multiple Ticket Timers

You can start and run the Ticket Timer on multiple tickets at once. We even made it easy to track. When you have a timer running, there is a drop down that appears at the top of the RepairShopr UI.

Clicking the drop down will display all of the running timers.


View All Active Ticket Timers across the account

(IMPORTANT): All Global Admins will have immediate view access to this feature. Non Global Admins will need a Security Groups permission activated called "Ticket Timers - Overview" before they are able to see the All Timers page.


There are 2 ways to view all active Ticket Timers on a account.

Click on the Active Timer drop down at the upper right of the page and at the bottom of the list there is a button called "All Timers" that can be clicked.


The second way is to head to the Ticket Tab and click on the View button > Active Timers.


Active Timer Page

User: The tech that started the timer

Customer: The customer on the ticket

Ticket: Link to the ticket

Ticket Title: The Ticket Subject

Labor: Which type of labor is selected for the timer event

Duration: Current length of time the timer has logged on a ticket




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