Ticket Timers

Looking to track time on your tickets? This overview shows you how you can do that in the system.

We made a quick video to showcase it (at the bottom of this article) , but here are the steps to get up and running.

1. Head to Admin > Ticket Preferences

2. "Enable Ticket Time Tracking Module" should be checked

3. When you track time, you'll be able to select between multiple labor items, so that you can bill for your time at different rates. To set this up you'll need create an inventory category called "Labor" by navigating to Inventory > Preferences and adding Labor to the list:

4. Inventory items categorized as "Labor" will show up on the ticket timer list, so next you should go to your inventory and update the category for those items. For instance, if you wanted to have "Contract Labor" show up on the ticket timer list, you would change that product's category to Labor:

5. Once that's done, go back to Admin > Ticket Preferences > Advanced > (scroll down to bottom). Toward the bottom of the settings page enter the Labor item you'd like to use as a default. As you type, it will pre-populate the recommended match from inventory. You must select the the matching items it recommends.

6. Your tickets will now have a stopwatch. You can add a note and hit start/stop to use it. 

7. After using the timer (or Importing from Toggl if you have activated your Toggl integration), click the "View Log" button and you will see the individual entries and be able to select the correct labor rate for each entry. Click the "Charge Time" button to add the charges to the ticket.

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